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SEO Needs Fast Load Times

A slow loading website causes the buyers to lose interest in your brand and jump back to the search results resulting in visiting your competitor’s website. To make sure that your website loads quickly we follow the best SEO practices.

What lowers your page speed?

Host: Always make sure to choose a reliable host because a bad host can often damage your page speed.

Too large images: Large images can slow the speed of your pages. This is the reason why we prefer PNG for those images for high details logos and JPEG for photos.

External embedded media: External media is highly valuable but it can lower your load time.

Optimised browser, plugins, and app: We usually go through your entire website on browsers to check whether they are loading properly or not. So, it is recommended to avoid using all those applications which lower your page speed.

Too many ads: Visitors don’t like too many ads as it lowers the load time.

Double-barreled code: We never make use of inefficient HTML/CSS because it usually decreases the speed of the page.

How we improve your Website Load Time?

#Tip 1

Minimizing HTTP Requests

Generally, HTTP Requests are calculated whenever a browser fetches a file, page or picture from a web server. We make use of several tactics to decrease HTTP requests to relieve your browser.

  • Combining CSS/JS Files

Rather than retrieving multiple CSS or JavaScript files to load, we combine your CSS files into one larger file.  This is one of the challenging tasks if your style sheets and scripts vary from page to page. 

  • Using queries to load what’s needed

We make use of conditional statements to load certain images on desktop or for running a specific script on mobile and this is a great way to increase the speed. 

  • Reducing the number of images

We remove all those images which have large file sizes. This will not only help in reducing image HTTP requests but also remove UX.

  • CSS Sprites

Whenever it is possible we combine images of your website into one sprite sheet and then access it by using CSS background-image and background-position. By this way, the browser only retrieves the one that can be used multiple times.

#Tip 2

Utilizing CDNs & removing unused scripts

CDN is a collection of web servers that are distributed across multiple locations for providing the content to the users. We generally make use of CDN when static content or files are not touched once uploaded. We select the servers on the basis of the user’s measure for network proximity.

#Tip 3

Browser Caching

Browsers catch a lot of information when a visitor comes at your site. Moreover, it doesn’t have to reload the entire page. We make use of several tools to identify the expiration date of your cache.

#Tip 4

Compress Images& Optimise Files

Images usually take up 60% of the average bytes to load a single page. While other pages such as scripts, CSS, video, images take up a very large amount of HTTP requests sent.

We make sure to remove all those images which are not needed. This includes libraries of icons, extra three fonts, and images that are replicated with CSS. We always make use of the images only after optimising it. 

If you need a reliable SEO Services Sunshine Coast to take care of your website speed then choose us.

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