A research says that 60% of the internet users are those who are on their mobiles, which compared to your wired connection is generally slow. Furthermore, people don’t want to spend much time waiting for the web pages to load which is why it is essential to have a well-optimised website which provides better user experience.

People want to find answers to their question instantly, failing to provide that might lead to an increase in the bounce rate of your website. Even Google prefers websites with fast loading speed, which ultimately leads to better ranking.

If your website is built following best practices of coding by a professional developer then certainly your website will be having decent response time. But if this is not the case with you, then take a look on our detailed list to improve the load time of your website.


One of the easiest ways to improve your website’s speed is to use Cache software. When a visitor comes to your website, the cache software downloads a copy of pages and its element visited by the user on their system. If the user again visits your website then instead of downloading the website again, it sends the existing copy to reduce the time.

Think of CDN

If you are catering to multiple countries, then Content delivery networks are the saviour for you. CDN’s are the group of servers that stores a copy of the website around the globe in a distributed manner. So content is made available to the nearby user through a copy of the website.

For example, somebody is accessing your website which hosted in USA and added on a CDN, so they will be able to access the copy of website present on the server in their country (outside USA) which will reduce the loading time of the web page.

You can try HHVM

HHVM stands for HipHop Virtual Machine. It is a bit complicated mechanism as it is an open-source virtual machine that can be installed on the website built on PHP. It helps in accelerating the speed up-to 10 times. This Mechanism is also used by Facebook and Wikipedia to boost the speed.

Invest in Hosting

Hosting plays a major role in increasing the speed as well as including security and stability to the website. These days you can easily get hosting at a reasonable price. But before you finalise hosting for your website, research for companies along with their packages based on the CMS of your website because one company may be good for WordPress but not for Magento.

Other factors to be considered

– Enable the Gzip Compression

– Optimize CSS Delivery by keeping it in a single file

– Leverage Browser Caching

– Reduce and Optimize Functional Images

– Avoid URL Redirects

– Fix 404 Errors

– Reduce HTTP Requests

– Remove Render-Blocking JavaScript

– Try to use less videos on your website

Before you jump on to try these things, you need to analyse the speed of your websites and check for the issues affecting the website speed. Test your website speed through GTmetirx or Google page speed to find the error and adopt the solution accordingly.

Once you have applied all the solutions mentioned in the article such as adding the software, opting for a better hosting and optimise the website content, go for another test for comparison. It will help you to find which one benefited your website and how a small change can bring in the Positive Result.

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