Link building is the process of getting more links to your site. Most of the website owner’s think that writing quality content will get those links but this is not true. Unless you target to get links, it’s very hard to gain them.

In the old days, link building was a very easy process. You only had to make use of automated tools for submitting your article to generate backlinks.

In 2014, Google launched the Google Penguin algorithm and it completely changed the concept of link building.

Nowadays link building is considered as a very important part of search engine optimisation. This is very helpful in achieving a good ranking. Moreover, this helps in bringing traffic for the website by increasing the domain authority of your website.

Generally, the popularity of a website is known by the number of inbound links. Google always reward those websites which have quality incoming links. Effective link building doesn’t refer to making unlimited links but it means genuine links from reliable websites.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of link building:

  • Increased visibility of your blog in search results
  • Receiving traffic from other websites linked to you
  • The quality link will promote your site
  • An important aspect of SEO

How to build links for SEO?

There are generally 4 steps for link building:

  1. Beginning of link tag

Starting link is known for telling Google that some links are about to get attached within it.

  1. Linking to referral location

Generally, this part is used to indicate URL which is attached with a link. And this URL can contain anything.

  1. Anchor Texts

Anchor text is mainly important for taking you to the next page when you click on the link.

  1. Closing of the tag

This reflects that the link has already been attached with the coding part.

What are the different Link Building Strategies for SEO?

High-Quality content

Relevant, readable and unique content is mostly appreciated by most of the people. And quality content is very helpful in generating genuine links. Moreover, the content should be according to the topic and easily understandable.


This step is very important in promoting your website. Only promotions can influence audiences to look at the content. Moreover, call to actions also helps a lot in connecting more people.

Adding the review opinion

It is considered as the best option to add a column of review on your website. This will help you in increasing your website’s efficiency and reliability.

Help from others

It is always recommended to take feedback from your relatives and friends. Because this will help you a lot in improving your website. It is a very time-consuming process but can prove to be very productive for increasing the ranking of your website.


From all the discussed points you can come to know about the importance of link building for elevating a website’s ranking. So, try to avoid unnecessary links because they can impose unnecessary penalty from Google. You can hire SEO in Sunshine Coast and Website Design Sunshine Coast to take care of your website link building.