What is Image Optimisation?

Image optimization is a process of delivering high-quality images in the right format, size, resolution and dimension. It mainly focuses on keeping the image as small as possible.

There are several ways in which image can be optimised which include resizing the image, compressing the size of the image and various other methods.

Why Image Optimisation is Important?

Ponder the following points to know the importance of Image Optimisation:

  • Increases Page Load Speed

Generally, page load speed is the amount of time taken by your website to load completely. This load speed mainly depends on many factors including your website host to your website layout and design. Users usually love those websites which take less than 2 seconds to get load.

Therefore, if you are optimising 64% of images on your website then this can improve the website’s speed. This provides visitors with a faster experience.

  • Improved SEO Ranking

In 2010, Google made it very clear that page load speed will have a great impact on the ranking factor. So, it became very clear that the faster websites will rank better in search results as compared to the slower ones. If you want to stand out in the competition then it is very important to have a good search ranking.

Optimised images in your websites will take less time to get load and as a result, this will improve your search engine ranking.

  • Promote Conversions

Improved Search Ranking attracts more audiences and get more conversions. And if your page load speed is good then there are chances of great SEO ranking and conversions because they all are directly related to each other.

Many types of research have stated that 79% of visitors who are not satisfied with the web page speed or performance don’t prefer buying from that particular site again.

  • More User Involvement

If you are providing a great user experience to your customers then they will be your happy and satisfied clients. So, the only thing which you need is to optimize your website images, enhance your page load speed and provide a better user experience.

So, if your page is loading fast then users will spend more time on your website. And as a result user satisfaction and happiness depends on page speed which can be improved by optimising web images.

How can you get optimize Images for SEO?

  • By resizing the images

Choosing the right image format is very important for your website. You can use JPEG for complex images and PNG for simple images. Moreover, various compression tools and compression plays a very significant role in optimizing the images for SEO.

  • Optimising image file names

It is always advisable to choose the right file name as it affects your page SEO as well as ranking in image search results. For gaining more SEO power it is always recommended to check few things before uploading your image.

  • Use alt tags

It is very easy for viewers to understand the image but the search engine need clues. In the same way, it is impossible for search engines to index your image content without the help of alternative text.

  • Optimising the image title

Image titles are usually less important for SEO but they provide additional context to the alt text. These titles are helpful in gaining user engagement. If you don’t use word Press then it is very necessary for you to keep an appropriate title.

  • Making use of unique images

If you use stock images then it will not help you in improving search engine ranking whereas unique images will improve your search image ranking. So, it’s always good to upload images that are different and eye-catching.

  • Adding image structured data

Generally, image structured data helps the search engine for displaying images as rich results. Moreover, Google images support structured data for product images and videos.

  • Making use of site maps

Site Maps are known for playing a very crucial role. It’s a kind of a file that contains the entire map of your site’s content. In SEO these maps are very important as they tell the search engines about all the pages of your website.

So, if you are struggling to get your website notice, then keep these strategies in your mind before uploading any image. By following these tips your website will get noticed by both search engine as well as the audiences.

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