Have you ever thought about all the internet searches people do on a daily or weekly basis? And most importantly which medium do they prefer to make these searches.

A mobile phone or a desktop computer?

Most of the people love to make searches while relaxing on their couch.  This is the reason why you need to make your website optimised.

Characteristics of Mobile Optimised Websites:

  • Quick Load time
  • Easy to locate the contact information
  • Few text boxes to fill
  • Convenient call to action
  • Larger buttons easy to target
  • Presence of less text
  • Simple drop-down menus

Why do you need to have Mobile Optimised websites?

  1. People prefer to use mobile than desktop

Nowadays most of the people are making use of mobile phones, smartphones and even tablets because it is a convenient and handy to use and carry. This is the reason why it is always advisable to look whether your website is accessible through smartphones or not.

  1. Minimized load time

The reason why people leave the website sooner is due to the long loading time. It is very necessary to provide good user experience if you don’t want to lose your potential customers.

According to a survey, 48% of users confirmed that they feel annoyed when they get to a site that’s not mobile-friendly.

  1. Target more audiences

Almost 40% of traffic to all websites is from mobile phones. This confirms that half of the users need mobile-friendly websites for getting in touch with your business.

It has been observed that people who don’t find anything relevant on your page usually go back and search for another one.

  1. Google will rank you higher

In 2015, Google announced that its new algorithm now favors mobile-responsive websites. Moreover, it also helps people to find you very easily in online searches.

  1. Easy to manage your content

If you have a mobile-friendly website then it will be very easier for you to save your time and energy on publishing your content online. It is very difficult to find duplicate copies of your content so it’s better to have one website and make a responsive design from it.

  1. Mobile users are big buyers

In this fast-paced generation, everyone needs to get information instantly without wasting any time. One of the major benefits of mobile optimization is that users usually read product reviews and compare brands and purchase whenever they want.

  1. Lower maintenance cost

A mobile-responsive website generally offers lower maintenance cost. So, now you don’t need to invest a large sum of money for its maintenance purpose.

  1. Efficient back-linking

Making unique URL results in building a stronger linking setup. Moreover, all the backlinks will get pointed to the same domain instead of being splitting between a desktop website and mobile website.

So, to safeguard the future of your website, it is very important to make a mobile-optimised website. Contact SEO in Sunshine Coast and Website Design Sunshine Coast to make your website mobile friendly today.