Most of you think that Google Sandbox is a penalty but it’s not true. It is a type of a filter that Google places on new sites that contain optimised website’s content. Generally, this filter is put on all the new websites to prevent the ranking for initial months. But if you want to come out from this Google Sandbox affect then follow these tips.

Have a look:

Tip 1: Get Social Signals

Achieving social signals are considered as the primary key for gaining the trust of Google. These signals make Google aware that your website is gaining attention on the other platforms. One of the most convenient method that most of the people are using today is by running Facebook ads.

So, it is always recommended to run ads on social media platforms. This will help you to gain more social signals and traffic to your website.

Tip 2: Get indexed right away

If you think that after making your website live, you can simply achieve the attention of Google then you are extremely wrong. It does not start to get mature until it gets indexed by Google.

To check if your site is indexed by Google you can simply type “site:”. And if you find that your site is not indexed by Google then you need to get it indexed as soon as possible.

Tip 3: Foundational Links

It is usually considered as a bad idea to do any major link building at the early stage in the website development. But foundational links can be very helpful such as social profiles and citations.

This shows Google that your website is listed on various platforms across the web. And in this way, your website can become more reliable to Google.

Tip 4: GMB Verification

GMB listing plays a very important role in boosting your national websites too. For getting your GMB verified, all you need to do is to ask Google to send a postcard at your home or office address.

And that postcard will contain a code and after typing that code, your address will get verified.

Tip 5: Use long-tailed keywords when your site is in Google Sandbox

At the initial stage, Google will not provide with much exposure to your more competitive keywords. But it may allow you to rank for low competition keywords. So, it is always recommended to make use of long-tailed keywords.

You can also check the keywords competition by checking its difficulty score.

Tip 6: The building of topical relevance

Tropical relevance includes the involvement of all the pages instead of just a single page. If you provide Google with additional pages of content this will help you to build more trust and reliability.

The other thing which you should keep in mind is not cannibalising your keywords by targeting the same keyword on multiple pages. So, it’s better to target related keywords with your supporting pages.

It’s true that sandbox can be a bit annoying but you can shorten the time period by following these simple techniques. You can hire SEO in Sunshine Coast and Website Design Sunshine Coast to take care of your website from Google Penalities.