Broken links are those links which don’t work. And these links are also known as broken hyperlink or a dead link. These links are either those links which are included in the content on another site or a link present within your own site.

Moreover, these links are known for providing a very bad impression on audiences. When the visitors pay a visit at your website and find a page stating that there is an error or page no longer exists then visitors will definitely not visit your page again.

There are several reasons which contribute towards broken links:
  • Website restricting
  • Changing of content
  • Renaming of page
  • Even closing of the website
  • This can even impact the business reputation of your brand.
How Broken links can be checked?

Yes, it’s true that broken links can also be checked.

There are mainly 2 tools available for checking of the broken links.

1. W3C Link Checker

This tool is an online tool that has no restriction on the size of the site that needs to be checked. But this tool doesn’t present the result in a bit technical way. After viewing the result if you find any error code starting with 4 then you should address it first. These errors are considered as very bad errors for your site.

2. Screaming Frog

This software is available free of cost and very easy to use. And Screaming Frog is very useful for all those sites which are generally small because it has a limit of checking 500 pages. This tool is very efficient in showing those pages which contain broken links.

How can Broken links affect your SEO?

Broken links have a very negative effect on SEO. Usually, search engines rank your websites by keeping in mind all the factors which include linking too. If there are dead links present on your website then it can stop the search engine from considering your site and indexing it.

Go through the following points to know how broken links can impact your business:

  • Turns user away

If users go through your site and find a 404 return error. Then they will surely get irritated and will never visit your website again.

This 404 error encourages users to move on to the next site rather than staying on your site.

  • Broken links affect Search Engine Optimisation

Most people add bookmark, favorite and save links for referring it in future and when these links don’t work then it can create a negative image in the mind of the users.

By following the same way search engines aim to provide its users with the best, relevant and on-topic content information. And when this information contains broken links then Google avoids those websites.

  • Damages your reputation

This is the main factor that will damage your online business reputation. Suppose you have published some content and that content contains some broken links. Then this thing is sure that audiences will get irritated and never visit your website again.

And always keep in mind that when someone is sharing your content then this indicates your reputation. Therefore, avoid having broken links on your website.

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