Whenever Google announces a change in its ranking algorithm, it tends to give a mini-heart attack to all the website owners. And usually to those owners who don’t understand about the working of search engine.

What is a Broad Core Update?

This update is an improvement for the overall Google algorithm which is useful for understanding user’s search queries and websites in a better way. This improvement was done to improve Google’s accuracy in search queries for better user experience and satisfaction.

Impact of June 2019 Core Update:

  • Increase in video Carousels

Some updates don’t just change the way of evaluating the website content but also impact the layout of the SERPs. And one such change was made in June. This change had a very positive effect on YouTube in just one week only.

  • Targeting low-quality news sites

By this core update, all the low-quality sites were affected. And mostly the sites of news providers were evaluated and it was found that now Google was trying to be more transparent. And as a result, all the low-quality and smaller sites disappeared.

  • Trusted aggregator sites boosted

This update proved to be very beneficial for all the big sites which had a solid reputation. And these reputed websites had quality content without any error or bug present on their site.

How to recover from Broad Core Algorithms Update’s effects?

Don’t worry if your website rankings have been hit by Google’s algorithm. You just need to follow the best SEO practices that will show Google that your website ranks higher.

Try to focus on these tips:

#Tip 1: Follow the guidelines given by Google

If you want Google to give you good ranking then you should go through Google Quality Raters Guidelines for better results.

#Tip 2: Optimising your website properly

It is very important for your website to make proper use of Title tags, Heading tags, Meta descriptions, and keywords. This indicates that your website is fully optimised and clean.

#Tip 3: Publishing high-quality content on your website

For making your website visible and popular among the audiences, it’s very important to create high-quality content. Therefore, high-quality content will help in promoting your website.

#Tip 4: Checking the inbound and outbound links, images and media files

These components play a very crucial role in SEO. Always make sure to check the images whether they have ALT tags, media files of appropriate size. Also, make sure to remove all the broken links.

#Tip 5: Checking the Google Search Console for reported errors to fix

It is very important to remove all the technical errors from the web pages. Because your off-page SEO strategy will not work accurately unless your website is not fixed.

#Tip 6: Build your site’s Expertise, Authority, and Trust

If you want to compete then make sure to keep an eye on your competitor’s site. And find out all the things which they are doing right and start implementing those things on your website.

So, follow all these tips to make your unique existence again.