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SEO Domain Authority

Your ability to rank your pages is directly proportional to your sites Domain Authority!

SEO Tip #1

Domain Authority

A websites domain authority score can range from 1 to 100. If you want your pages to rank, then you need to put effort into improving your domain authority. There are many ways to do this. See below.

Social Media Mentions

Every time your Social Media Post gets shared, or if another Social Media channel mentions your website, it helps your Domain Authority.

Of course your Social Media posts should have a link to your website URL.

Guest Posts

Writing guest posts on other sites websites and linking back to yours, gives your website credibility.

Make sure you only guest post on credible websites.

Domain Age

Domain age plays a factor too. The older your domain, the more credibility it will get.

Reduce the Spam

Make sure your website does not appear spammy to Google.

You need to make sure your ratio of text to outbound links is maintained at a level approved by Google.

Ordinarily a site with organically created content will not be marked as spammy.

Regular Content

Creating new pages on your website regularly definitely helps your SEO.

I’m pretty sure it helps your Domain Authority too!

Social Media Channels

Make sure to have Social Media Accounts on many platforms.

Make sure all the platforms have the exact same contact information as what is displayed on your website.

Improve your SEO | It’s worth it!

Once your website starts ranking, then things start becoming easier.

Your first few pages are the hardest to rank. Once you get there, then your site start to gain momentum.

Get your SEO up, make sure you add regular content. The financial rewards are worth it.