Are you wanting 5 Sure ways to Improve your Search Results?

Do you want to Improve your Search Results?


We have included a few SEO techniques that you can implement on your Website today to see immediate results fast.


SEO Tip #1

Domain Age: The age of the domain does play a part in determining your domain authority which in turn, plays a part in how your page ranks. However, domain age doesn’t play a big part in Google rankings. It’s still important to address each and every item wherever possible. So if you have the choice register your domain early, then do so, just as long as you are sure you know what you want to call your domain.


SEO Tip #2

Domain Name Keyword Order: Having your keywords appear in the particular order that they are searched in Google does once again play a part. For instance “Ice Cream Shop in Noosa” is what somebody might type in to Google, and if you have that particular order appearing in your domain name, then it’s got a better chance of getting ranked rather than having, “Shop Ice Cream Noosa”. I hope that make sense.


SEO Tip #3

Domain Registration, Public vs Private: When you register a .com domain you have the option to have a private listing or public listing. It has been said that having a private listing does hurt your SEO whilst having your public listing allows Google to pay more attention to it. We suggest just putting up with the Telemarketing calls that you will get with your public listing of your domains, and just opting to go with the public listing. It is better to play it safe and deal with a little bit of hassle. Those telemarketing calls do tend to die down after a couple of weeks. Sometimes when we register domains we will put our phone number in place of the customers and we field those calls for the clients. Every time you register a domain you end up getting about five to 10 calls from India trying selling you web services.


SEO Tip #4

Domain Site Title: Having your keyword as the opening phrase in your site title plays a major role in ranking for SEO purposes. For instance, we've set up a website called and if we want that page to rank for SEO services Brisbane we might make our site title SEO Services Brisbane and then will put one of those vertical lines and then will go SEO Boss, and that way when somebody Googles it, it will show up as SEO Services Brisbane| SEO Boss. Google will take a look at that and actually rank your site a lot better than the sites that possibly have SEO Boss | SEO Services Brisbane. So think about changing the order of that phrase in your site title.

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The most important ranking factor: Time Spent On Page

The time a user spends on your website’s pages tells Google how relevant your site is for a particular subject. Let just say someone searches Wedding Dresses Caloundra, and they find your website that is all about wedding dresses in Caloundra, and spends time on your site, Google appreciates that. Let’s say someone visits your website and spends a lot of time browsing through the Gallery of wedding dresses to buy, Google then takes a look at this kind of traffic and says, well this person hasn’t left this page, this might be the right answer for the question, “Wedding Dresses Caloundra”. So Google will start to elevate that site for that search, and direct more people to that website, because it knows that your website provides the correct answer that people are searching for.

If you think of Google as a person that refers people, then you start to get into the mind of Google and workout on how Google thinks. Once I started doing this I started changing content to suit and saw results immediately. Try as much as possible to understand the way Google works. We had a major shift in our rankings on our website when we started directing our clients to our website for our IT Support company.

We used to get clients to search our company name and then click on certain links before we could provide the client with remote support. Doing this kept clients on our page for extended periods of time and pretty soon our rankings started to get better. Then we started increasing our website’s rankings for various searches. At the moment our website will pretty much rank for most things that I put up there, depending on the competitiveness of the search term.

Try getting users to spend more time on your website. To do this there are a few factors you need to take care of.

1. If you have a Gallery of products you can use to keep your visitor on the site then we suggest putting that there and keeping visitors on your website browsing pictures.

2. Readability! What I mean by this is that your site needs to be easy for users to quickly scan and read and choose which of the paragraphs that they want to read. Don’t use big ugly blocks of paragraphs. This causes your brain to shutdown and just say, no more, I’m moving on to another website that has a better layout.

3. Don’t use more than four to five sentences per paragraph without adding a new line in between. Doing this breaks up the content.

4. Adding an image here and there. Adding images breaks up the content nicely. A web page that has got images and well laid down text will keep readers scrolling down until they find what they are looking for. You can actually keep a reader on your page for a long time doing it that way. However, we like to not make our pages too long unless the content on the page is gripping stuff, just like this blog.

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