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Mobile-Friendly Responsive Web Design Services

 In today’s time, you can’t expect your life without a mobile phone and an internet connection. Most of you prefer mobile phones over desktops as they are very easy to carry and in no time you can know about anything. This is why we are making websites more mobile friendly.

Why mobile-friendly websites are important for your business?

Increases availability

Nowadays people mostly make use of mobile phones for searching for anything. And if your website is not optimized then the visitors will never go through your website again. We know the value of user experience that’s why we put all effort into the web development and design of your website.

Improves SEO ranking

If your website is mobile friendly then you can attract more people and makes your SEO higher. And as a result, you will earn more clicks.

More sales

A mobile-friendly website can expect to make more profit. Most of us make use of mobile phones for performing most of the activities like shopping, business, etc. And when people visit your website without any inconvenience then you can expect to make more profit.

So, if you want to stand ahead in the competition then utilize our  SEO Services Sunshine Coast to get your website mobile-friendly.

How we make your website mobile friendly.

Responsive Design

A responsive website is the one that includes the same content on every device but changes the way of displaying on the device screen. We make use of this technique to make your website mobile friendly by not limiting the information of mobile visitors. Moreover, we always ensure that the visitors review the same content on every platform.

We make use of responsive design to provide good SEO.

Concise information

We know that we need information without wasting much of your time. By keeping this in our mind we have provided FAQ’s so that you can easily go through the site and know about the products.

Our professionals have years of experience in this field and they make the website easy to find and navigate on a mobile device.

Avoiding flash

Flash is usually considered bad for SEO as it slows down a page’s load time. Moreover, there are a lot of browsers and devices which doesn’t support it. That is the reason why we never make use of flash animation for the website.

Adding Viewport Meta Tag

We make use of view post Meta tag to control the appearance of your website on mobile.  With the help of this method, your viewers don’t need to scroll down for viewing the entire document. The Meta tag will enable the browser to fit the width of your page to the screen of your device.

Autocorrect for Forms

We usually don’t make use of Autocorrect. If you have forms on your website asking about the name and address then the autocorrect can provide inconvenience by changing name or street name. This could even slow down the process of filling out your form.

Large Button to work on mobile

It’s very easy to click buttons with the help of mouse but when people make use of their fingers then these small buttons can prove to be very inefficient.  So to keep your visitors away from this type of frustration we make large buttons which are compatible on both the platforms.

Large Font size

It’s is difficult to read on the small screen if the font style is very small. Generally, we make use of 14px for your web pages. We believe in sticking with a standard font.

Compressing of Images and CSS

The most important step that we follow for making your website mobile friendly is by compressing all those things which take up extra space. And this might include high-resolution images and CSS. By compressing them you can expect people to see the quality of your website.

Regular mobile testing

The most important thing that we do is performing regular mobile testing. This makes us aware of the website’s mobile experience.

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