Today we focus and enter the world of the Google giant, specifically in its advertising: we will explain what Google Ads is and how to use it after this to show some advantages and disadvantages of use.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is one of the most important tools for companies that want to have an excellent web presence. Currently, it is one of the resources that generate the most positive results and successful campaigns in content marketing. It is common that people have already heard this name, but not many people know what this resource is about.

Questions about Google Ads range from functionality to the correct way to use it with the aim of generating results. This causes many people to use the resource in the wrong way; as a result, the results obtained are not the best.

So Google Ads is one of best way to get more business in reasonable budget.

Why should I advertise on Google Ads?

The main advantage of Google Ads is the fast and practically secure return on investment. This happens because the sponsored links of the platform appear according to the keywords resulting from the search of the users and selected by the advertisers. In this way, the ads at the top and side of the Google results page appear according to what is typed by the user in the search space.

That makes the ads appear to the user at the exact moment the keyword is searched, which means that the conversion probability is much higher.

In general, it is said that the conversion depends on the customer’s branch of activity and the type of campaign he performs. When the campaign is oriented, it is much cheaper to carry out. In this sense, no traditional medium is able to offer such good results.

Another way to advertise on Google Ads is through the display network. These are sites and blogs affiliated with the Google platform that can display ads on their pages. They are sites like Gmail, YouTube and other partners. The advantage of the display network is that it allows the segmentation of the advertisement to appear in blogs related to the advertiser’s sector.

Investing in Google Ads is fast

The analyst creates a strategy and plans a campaign, even the interested party can carry out this challenge in case he has training or knows details about the matter. After generating a campaign appropriate to the objectives and considering the needs of who needs to have Ads, it is time to produce the ads. Normally, these are quickly approved by Google and begin to appear shortly thereafter. As a result, the traffic of the site or blog of the company increases.

The budget is also an advantage

There is no minimum value to be paid in any campaign and the company decides how much you are interested in investing. One of the most common forms of investment is the Cost per Click, CPC, when the company only pays when the user clicks on the ad link.

It is also possible to segment the ad, to appear only in the searches chosen by the advertiser according to the geographical region, keyword, channel, mobile device, remarketing, and interest. Google Ads is the cheapest way to increase website traffic and internet sales, with total cost control, measurable return, agility, segmentation and immediate reach.