About Us


Who We Are

How We Got Started in SEO

I got into SEO when I was studying a Google Adwords course for my IT Business. The cost of your clicks are proportional to the SEO score on the page that you’re promoting.

I worked hard on improving my pages SEO and started to find that my pages were ranking high, regardless of my Google Adwords Campaign.

I quickly turned off Google Adwords and turned my focus primarily to SEO.

From then on I was committed to learning everything there was to do with SEO, and to test everything.

Through trial and error I have developed a set of SEO techniques that work to rank your site on Google.

Our Founders

My wife Jodi and I, (Chris), started Digital Nomads HQ in 2018. I had been running a Web Design company for a couple of years prior, and decided to rebrand it to Digital Nomads HQ.

Our Commitment to You

We are committed to getting your site to the top of Google. If you’re site is not number 1 in Google, then we are not completely happy with the result.

We will then keep employing various techniques to improve your SEO score of your website until your site is ranked number 1.

We love what we do!

We enjoy working closely with our client to convey the message they was to their site visitors.

We help our clients develop a solid marketing plan.

We like our clients to measure their success and track where their enquiries come from.


SEO Team

John Dole

John Dole

Loves SEO. He dreams in HTML language.
Paul Robert

Paul Robert

Graphic Designer. Paul will optimise each image to ensure it is correctly sized for quick page load times.

He also makes sure that the quality of the image is not lost.

Jane Cole

Jane Cole

Our Copywriter. Jane will make sure that the content on your pages are optimised to have the correct word count for your sites SEO.

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